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Table 2 Effect of Ag Nps ppm, Spirulina %, and Bacillus sp. on the growth rate culture of Pectobacterium carotovora

From: Impact of silver nanoparticles and two biological treatments to control soft rot disease in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L)

Treatments Growth rate
Ag Nps 50 ppm 0.33 cd
Ag Nps 75 ppm 2.66 b
Ag Nps 100 ppm 4.33 a
Sp 50% 0.13 f
Sp 75% 0.27 de
Sp 100% 0.43 c
Bs 100% 0.2 ef
Control (distilled water) 0 g
  1. Sp Spirulina platensis, Bs Bacillus subtilis
  2. In a column means followed by a common letter are not significantly different at 1% level by DMRT