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Table 2 Geographical isolates of Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrosis virus (HearNPV) used to compare with the eight isolates from present study

From: Genetic diversity among different geographical isolates of the gram pod borer, Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) nucleopolyhedrosis virus (HearNPV)

Sl. no. Origin/group Isolate Abbreviation Accession
(amino acid)
1 India Jodhan Jod-In FJ157294.1 ACI05105.1
2 Ludhiana PAU Lud-PAU-In FJ157291.1 ACI05102.1
3 Ludhiana-I Lud-I-In KM268536.1 AIY68501.1
4 Ludhiana-II Lud-II-In KY432399.1 ARQ18915.1
5 Bathinda Bat-In FJ157292.1 ACI05103.1
6 Faridkot-I Far-I-In KC174715.1 AGE92318.1
7 Faridkot-II Far-II-In KM357499.1 AIY24932.1
8 Dhule Dhl-In MH029114 QCA42461
9 Akola Akl-In MH029115 QCA42462
10 Hisar HAU His-HAU-In FJ157295.1 ACI05106.1
11 Palampur Pal-In LK031772.1 CDR35259.1
12 Hyderabad Hyd-In MH029116 QCA42463
13 Udaipur Udr-In MH029117 QCA42464
14 Rajanukunte Rke-In MH029111 QCA42458
15 Chandapura Chan-In MH029112 QCA42459
16 Gulbarga Gul-In MH029113 QCA42460
17 Bangalore Ban-In JQ612524.1 AFD09505.1
18 Bangalore L1 NBAIR Ban-L1-NBAIR-In KT013224.1 ALD88571.1
19 Bangalore PDBC Ban-PDBC-In FJ157293.1 ACI05104.1
20 Hosur Hor-In MH029118 QCA42465
21 1113 Negamum 1113-Neg-In HQ246082.1 ADY88204.1
22 2588 Negamum 2588-Neg-In HQ246093.1 ADY88215.1
23 China 1073 China 1073-Ch HQ246081.1 ADY88203.1
24 1625 China 1625-Ch HQ246090.1 ADY88212.1
25 3010 China 3010-Ch HQ246094.1 ADY88216.1
26 South Africa 1186 South Africa 1186-SA HQ246085.1 ADY88207.1
27 Sudan 75 Sudan 75-Sud HQ246071.1 ADY88193.1
28 Spain LB1 Spain LB1-Sp KJ701029.1 AJP07155.1
29 LB3 Spain LB3-Sp KJ701030.1 AJP07290.1
30 LB6 Spain LB6-Sp KJ701031.1 AJP07425.1
31 SP1A Spain SP1A-Sp KJ701032.1 AJP07560.1
32 SP1B Spain SP1B-Sp KJ701033.1 AJP07696.1
33 Poland 138 Poland 138-Pol HQ246073.1 ADY88195.1
34 Australia Australia Aus JN584482.1 AEN03926.1
35 H25EA1 Australia AC53-Aus KJ922128.1 AIG63180.1
36 AC53 Australia H25EA1-Aus KJ909666.1 AIG63043.1