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Table 6 Mean of percentage of pupae and adults emergence, sex ratio, egg laid, and viable eggs of Spodoptera frugiperda fed on leaves of endophytic fungi colonized (seed treated) and non-colonized (control) young maize

From: Endophytic fungi from South Sumatra (Indonesia) in seed-treated corn seedlings Affecting development of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda J.E. Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Isolates Fungal species Pupae emergence (%) Adult emergence (%) Sex ratio Eggs laid per female Viable (hatched) eggs (%)
Control   93.33a 93.33a 0.56a 68.28a 99.92a
JGTP240521A Beauveria bassiana 46.00e 42.00e 0.83a 15.91c 88.86d
WTTJC260521A Beauveria bassiana 52.67de 48.00de 0.84a 15.31c 90.93 cd
WTTJC260521B Metarhizium anisopliae 74.67b 71.33b 0.47a 42.89b 99.72a
WTTJC290521A Beauveria bassiana 54.00d 47.33de 0.74a 27.86bc 95.91b
WTTJC290521B Beauveria bassiana 59.33 cd 54.00 cd 0.87a 17.50c 92.98bc
JGNT300521 Beauveria bassiana 65.33c 58.67c 0.51a 39.36b 99.31a
F-value 134.80* 95.08* 3.67* 34.26* 75.47*
P-value  < 0.0001  < 0.0001 0.026  < 0.0001  < 0.0001
HSD value 6.85 9.03 0.19 1.37 4.16
  1. * = significantly different; values within a column followed by the same letters were not significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Tukey's HSD test