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Table 1 Details of isolates of Beauveria bassiana obtained from Orosanga japonica adults

From: Potential of Turkish Beauveria bassiana isolates for the management of the polyphagous planthopper, Orosanga japonica Melichar 1898 (Hemiptera: Ricaniidae)

Isolate code Place of origin Accession nos
KA-78-1 Cumhuriyet/Kemalpaşa MT102350 MT124984
KA-78-2 Cumhuriyet/Kemalpaşa MT102351 MT124985
KA-78-3 Cumhuriyet/Kemalpaşa MT102352 MT124986
KA-78-4 Cumhuriyet/Kemalpaşa MT102353 MT124987
KA-78-5 Cumhuriyet/Kemalpaşa MT102354 MT124988
KA-78-6 Uzunyalı/Kemalpaşa MT102355 MT124989
KA-78-7 Uzunyalı/Kemalpaşa MT102356 MT124990
KA-78-8 Uzunyalı/Kemalpaşa MT102357 MT124991
KA-78-9 Uzunyalı/Kemalpaşa MT102358 MT124992
KA-78-10 Selimiye/Kemalpaşa MT102359 MT124993
KA-78-11 Selimiye/Kemalpaşa MT102360 MT124994
KA-78-12 Selimiye/Kemalpaşa MT102361 MT124995
KA-78-13 Selimiye/Kemalpaşa MT102362 MT124996
KA-78-14 Selimiye/Kemalpaşa MT102363 MT124997