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Table 3 Virulence effect of the applications on the last instar larvae of Cymbalophora rivularis

From: Biocontrol of Cymbalophora rivularis (Menetries) (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) larvae by entomopathogenic bacteria and fungi

Treatments % Mortality at different interval periods (hrs)
24 48 72 120 144 168 192 216
Insectiicide 100.00A 100.00A 100.00A 100.00A 100.00A 100.00A 100.00A 100.0A
ET 10 0.00B 0.00B 5.00B 25.00B 40.00B 40.00C 70.00B 85.00C
K-19B 0.00B 0.00B 0.00C 6.67C 15.00CD 40.00C 80.00B 90.00BC
TV-3D 0.00B 0.00B 0.00C 0.00C 15.00CD 70.00B 80.00B 95.00AB
RK-92 0.00B 0.00B 0.00C 0.00C 15.00CD 65.00B 75.00B 85.00C
RK-1979 0.00B 0.00B 10.00B 10.00BC 10.00CD 50.00BC 75.00B 90.00BC
RK-79 0.00B 0.00B 0.00C 0.00C 25.00BC 60.00BC 75.00B 85.00C
RK-1980 0.00B 0.00B 0.00C 0.00C 5.00D 15.00D 55.00C 70.00D
Control 0.00B 0.00B 0.00C 0.00C 0.00D 0.00D 0.00D 0.00E
CV    30.58 61.36 43.71 29.37 13.57 6.42
LSD    6.76 16.71 18.91 24.85 16.06 8.65
  1. The highest measurement values obtained according to the observation time are highlighted in bold