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Table 1 Bacterial strains and fungal isolate used in the study

From: Biocontrol of Cymbalophora rivularis (Menetries) (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) larvae by entomopathogenic bacteria and fungi

Strains Bacterial strains
Isolated from MIS identification results SIM NF PS References
K-19B Vineyard Pseudomonas putida 0.786  +   +  Karagöz et al. (2012)
RK-1979 Soil Pseudomonas fluorescens 0.764  +   +  Kotan et al. (2005)
RK-92 Pear Pantoea agglomerans 0.889  +  S +  Kotan et al. (2005)
RK-79 Apple Pantoea agglomerans 0.762  +   +  Kotan et al. (2005)
TV-3D Rye Bacillus megaterium 0.563  +   +  Ekinci et al. (2014)
RK-1980 Soil Bacillus pumilus 0.776  +  S +  Kotan et al. (2005)
Isolate Fungal isolate
Isolated from ITS identification result S ITS 1 sequences Reference
ET 10 Sphenoptera antiqua Beauveria bassiana 0.99 GB |KY806126| Tozlu et al. (2017)
  1. Molecular diagnosis of the fungus isolate (Beauveria bassiana -ET 10) used in the study was made and recorded in GenBank with underlined
  2. SIM similarity ındex, NF nitrogen fixation, PS phosphate solubilization, + positive, − negative, S + strong positive