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Table 5 Effect of different treatments on the growth parameters and Fusarium wilt of cucumber seedlings

From: Potential biocontrol and plant growth promotion of an endophytic bacteria isolated from Glycyrrhiza uralensis seeds

Treatment Plant height (cm) Stem diameter (mm) Leaf number (number plant−1) Fresh weight (g pot−1) DSI (%) BE (%)
UC 9.08 a 3.94 a 3.67 a 15.82 a 50.0 b
PC 6.89 b 2.02 b 2.00 b 10.94 b 88.7 a
PF 9.94 a 4.10 a 4.00 a 15.93 a 33.3 c 62.5 a
PT 8.94 a 4.13 a 3.00 a 14.81 a 35.0 c 60.5 a
  1. UC, plants were inoculated with distilled water only; PC, plants were inoculated with pathogen only; PF, plants were inoculated with pathogen and the chemical fungicide; and PT, plants were inoculated with pathogen and Stenotrophomonas rhizophila FT2. DSI, disease severity index; BE, biocontrol effect. Means followed by the different letters within each column are significantly different at P < 0.05