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Table 2 Mortality (%) of Rhyzopertha dominica in various commodities treated with DE, DEBBM and Beauveria bassiana applied sole or in combination

From: Aptness of entomogenus fungi with diatomaceous earth against various stored grain insect pests

Exposure interval days Commodity Mortality % at concentrations of B. bassiana (conidia kg−1), DE/DEBBM (mg/kg)
1.5 × 108/0/0 1.5 × 1010/0/0 0/150/0 0/0/50 1.5 × 108/150/0 1.5 × 1010/150/0 1.5 × 108/0/50 1.5 × 1010/0/50
7 Maize 22.32a 44.67bc 39.11ab 50.19b–d 34.28ab 60.11cd 43.13bc 68.20d
  Rice 28.23a 51.11b–d 44.25ab 55.78b–d 36.33ab 64.71cd 49.39a–c 72.23d
  Wheat 31.75a 56.80b–d 48.88a–c 63.17c–e 41.28ab 67.89de 55.34bcd 77.32e
14 Maize 34.24a 62.19c–e 47.76a–c 66.82de 44.23ab 74.52ef 56.72b–d 85.19f
  Rice 43.74a 63.71ab 50.63a 72.24bc 46.71a 77.72bc 59.63ab 86.62c
  Wheat 46.69a 67.75b–d 58.31a–c 77.12c–e 51.82ab 81.55de 61.39a–c 93.46e
21 Maize 44.38a 65.37bc 57.10ab 76.10cd 52.26ab 87.48d 68.26bc 94.33d
  Rice 52.28a 73.75b–d 63.15a–c 79.27a–c 58.22ab 92.28de 75.21b–d 97.24e
  Wheat 56.33a 77.30bc 67.36a–c 84.11c–e 62.16ab 96.17de 79.37b–d 100.00e
  1. Similar letters within rows are not significantly different @ p < 0.05