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Table 1 Key of disease severity of sunflower powdery mildew

From: Biological control of Golovinomyces cichoracearum, the causal pathogen of sunflower powdery mildew

Grade Description Reaction
0 No symptom of powdery mildew on leaves Immune (I)
1 Small scattered powdery mildew specks covering 1% or less leaf area Highly resistant (HR)
3 Small powdery lesions covering 1 to 10% leaf area Resistant (R)
5 Powdery lesions enlarged covering 11 to 25% leaf area Moderately resistant (MR)
7 Powdery lesions coalesce to form big patches covering 26 to 50% leaf area Susceptible (S)
9 Big powdery patches covering 51% or more of leaf area and defoliation occur Highly susceptible (HS)