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Table 2 Mean mortality of Spodoptera frugiperda larvae treated with endophytic fungi (1 × 106 conidia ml−1), and conidial density and viability of endophytic fungi

From: Endophytic fungi confirmed as entomopathogens of the new invasive pest, the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (JE Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), infesting maize in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Fungal isolate code Fungal species Mortality (%) Conidial viability (%)for 1 × 24 h Conidial viability (%) for 2 × 24 h
Control 0.00a
GaTpeOi Chaetomium sp. 4.00bcd 45.17bcd 47.00a
PsgTjPr Aspergillus niger 2.67abc 38.20ab 51.63abcd
JgSPK Beauveria bassiana 22.67f 47.59efgh 55.23cde
JgTjPr Chaetomium sp. 2.67abcd 35.74a 55.76de
JaGiP Beauveria bassiana 21.33f 42.86abc 52.91abcd
PiCrPga Chaetomium sp. 5.33cd 44.59cde 47.99abc
JaGiPRB Curvularia lunata 4.00bcd 45.18bcd 52.75abcd
CMTJP Curvularia lunata 2.67abcd 45.25efg 54.94bcde
JaMsBys Curvularia lunata 6.67d 49.98gh 58.60de
JaSpkPGA(2) Beauveria bassiana 2.67abcd 47.20cde 48.15abc
JgCrJr Beauveria bassiana 21.33f 46.50cd 52.63abcd
JaTpOi (1) Beauveria bassiana 18.67f 54.02efg 56.55de
JaSpkPga(3) Curvularia lunata 17.33ef 50.85def 56.93de
CaCjPga Chaetomium sp. 2.67abcd 37.24a 47.77ab
JgByU Aspergillus niger 1.33ab 58.84gh 69.57g
JgTgSr Curvularia lunata 4.00bcd 55.33efgh 61.24ef
JaBuBys Aspergillus niger 2.67abcd 58.45gh 76.50h
JgPWSR Aspergillus flavus 4.00bcd 62.54h 68.39g
JaTpOi(2) Penicillium citrinum 6.67cd 57.44fgh 65.98fg
CaTpPga Metarhizium anisopliae 8.00de 50.76def 68.75f
F value 7.27* 9.05* 15.67*  
P value 0.00 0.00 0.00  
HSD value 8.8 4.27 4.07  
  1. * = significantly different; values within a column followed by the same letters were not significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Tukey's HSD test