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Table 2 Incubation period and disease incidence percentage of the pathogens isolated on Rumex crispus, Digitaria horizontalis, Persicaria nepalensis and Thunbergia alata

From: Phytopathogenic fungi with potential as biocontrol agents for weeds of importance in crops of Antioquia, Colombia

Weeds Pathogenic fungi Incubation period (days) Incidence (%)
Agar disc KW1 Inoculum suspension KW1 Agar disc KW2 Inoculum suspension KW1
R. crispus C. cigarro 5.8 a 5.3 a 33.3 c 41.7 c
E. draconis 4.3 ab ND2 c 66.7 b 0.0 d
D. rumicicola 3.2 b 6.2 a 91.7 a 75.0 ab
Control ND2 c ND2 c ND2 d ND2 d
D. horizontalis Bipolaris sp. 4.3 b 7.5 a 91.7 a 41.7 b
Control ND2 c ND2 c ND2 c ND2 c
P. nepalensis B. zeicola 3.9 ab 6.2 a 75.0 ab 75.0 ab
P. curvata 4.5 ab 5.3 ab 41.0 c 33.0 c
S. beticola 3.1 b 5.7 a 100.0 a 50.0 bc
Control ND2 c ND2 c ND2 d ND2 d
T. alata A. thunbergiae 2.8 b 3.3 ba 91.7 a 66.7 ab
N. sphaerica 6.5 a 6.1 a 58.3 b 66.7 ab
Control ND2 c ND2 c ND2 c ND2 c
  1. Values with the same letter do not differ statistically (p < 0.05)
  2. 1Kruskal-Wallis and Wilcoxon test
  3. 2ND, Not determined