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Table 4 Screening of PGPR activities of isolated antagonists in TN1

From: Diversity analysis of antagonistic microbes against bacterial leaf and fungal sheath blight diseases of rice

Isolates Root length (cm) Shoot length (cm) Germinations % Vigour index-1 (10th day after germination) Vigour index-2 (10th day after germination)
25th DAS 25th DAS
TAIK1 9.90b 13.20bc 100 610.33i 17.00de
TAIK2 7.50ab 11.07abc 92 378.67b 10.31b
TAIK3 7.53ab 10.27abc 90 404.77c 11.19bc
TAIK4 8.57ab 12.23bc 92 460.00e 12.24bcd
TAIK5 8.83ab 12.47bc 98 539.00f 13.25bcde
BIK2 7.87ab 9.63ab 96 442.33d 11.83bc
BIK3 8.63ab 13.13bc 100 560.00 g 15.11bcde
BIK4 7.97ab 10.47abc 98 470.00e 13.09bcd
Trichoderma isolates consortia 10.17b 14.07d 100 640.67j 18.13e
Bacillus isolates consortia 9.40ab 13.53bc 100 590.67 h 15.66cde
Healthy control 6.00a 7.77a 84 312.00a 5.44a
  1. Data represent mean of three replications. Numerical values with different letters are significantly different (P < 0.05, DMRT, SPSS)