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Table 3 Effect of application of Trichoderma isolates on feeder root density of Kinnow mandarin under field conditions

From: Evaluation of the bioformulation of potent native strains of Trichoderma spp. against the foot rot/gummosis of Kinnow mandarin

Isolates Feeder root density (cm3)
February–July 2016
(mean ± SD)1
July–February 2016–2017
(mean ± SD)1
Pooled mean 2016–2017
(mean ± SD)1
February–July 2017
(mean ± SD)1
February–July 2017–2018
(mean ± SD)1
Pooled mean 2017–2018
(mean ± SD)1
Pooled mean (Februray 2016 to July 2018)
(mean ± SD)1
T2 Parent 0.0064±0.0007h 0.0083±0.0008hi 0.0073±0.0012ghi 0.0109±0.0026ij 0.0156±0.0007h 0.0132±0.0031hi 0.0103±0.0040defg
T2 Mutant 0.0077±0.0006g 0.0104±0.0008g 0.0090±0.0016fgh 0.0167±0.0002f 0.0222±0.0023ef 0.0195±0.0033 ef 0.0143±0.0065bcdef
T3 Parent 0.0068±0.0011gh 0.0089±0.0005h 0.0079±0.0014efgh 0.0128±0.0003hi 0.0163±0.0019cdef 0.0145±0.0023 h 0.0112±0.0042 cdef
T3 Mutant 0.0080±0.0008g 0.0126±0.0007e 0.0103±0.0026def 0.0170±0.0007f 0.0234±0.0025f 0.0202±0.0038 def 0.0152±0.0065bcdef
T4 Parent 0.0117±0.0008de 0.0112±0.0007fg 0.0114±0.0007cde 0.0156±0.0007fg 0.0214±0.0005bcd 0.0185±0.0032fg 0.0150±0.0047 bcdef
T4 Mutant 0.0139±0.0004c 0.0167±0.0005c 0.0153±0.0016 b 0.0218±0.0011bc 0.0256±0.0007def 0.0237±0.0022 bc 0.0195±0.0052 abc
T16 Parent 0.0106±0.0005ef 0.0118±0.0009ef 0.0112±0.0009cde 0.0176±0.0012ef 0.0231±0.0022def 0.0203±0.0034 def 0.0158±0.0057abcde
T16 Mutant 0.0151±0.0011b 0.0184±0.0004b 0.0168±0.0019 ab 0.0236±0.0021b 0.0273±0.0013b 0.0254±0.0026 b 0.0211±0.0054 ab
T20 Parent 0.0113±0.0012def 0.0126±0.0000e 0.0120±0.0010 cd 0.0205±0.0003cd 0.0257±0.0003bc 0.0231±0.0029bcd 0.0175±0.0068abcd
T20 Mutant 0.0164±0.0003a 0.0204±0.0002a 0.0184±0.0022 a 0.0275±0.0004a 0.0299±0.0006a 0.0287±0.0014 a 0.0236±0.0062 a
T21 Parent 0.0056±0.0003ij 0.0073±0.0004ij 0.0065±0.0010 hi 0.0090±0.0002jk 0.0122±0.0003i 0.0106±0.0018 ij 0.0085±0.0028efg
T21 Mutant 0.0063±0.0002h 0.0084±0.0005hi 0.0073±0.0012fgh 0.0144±0.0004gh 0.0173±0.0008gh 0.0159±0.0017gh 0.0116±0.0051 cdef
T25 Parent 0.0078±0.0007g 0.0116±0.0004ef 0.0097±0.0021efg 0.0137±0.0010de 0.0183±0.0030g 0.0160±0.0032gh 0.0128±0.0044cdef
T25 Mutant 0.0102±0.0005f 0.0144±0.0004d 0.0123±0.0023 c 0.0192±0.0017gh 0.0247±0.0009cde 0.0220±0.0032 cde 0.0171±0.0062abcd
T.viride* 0.0120±0.0004d 0.0115±0.0006ef 0.0118±0.0005cd 0.0135±0.0014gh 0.0162±0.0007gh 0.0149±0.0018h 0.0133±0.0021bcdef
T.harzianum* 0.0050±0.0000j 0.0063±0.0007j 0.0057±0.0008ij 0.0079±0.0001k 0.0099±0.0003j 0.0089±0.0011j 0.0073±0.0021fg
Metalaxyl-M+Mancozeb* 0.0146±0.0008bc 0.0163±0.0012c 0.0155±0.0013 b 0.0198±0.0012cd 0.0229±0.0004ef 0.0214±0.0019 cdef 0.0184±0.0037abcd
Control 0.0047±0.0008j 0.0043±0.0007k 0.0045±0.0007j 0.0026±0.0004m 0.0017±0.0004k 0.0021±0.0006 k 0.0033±0.0014g
CD (p ≤ 0.05) 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.002 0.002 0.002 0.003
  1. T2, T3, T4, T16, T20 and T21 = T. asperllum, T25 = T. harzianum
  2. *Standard check
  3. 1Mean ± SD (standard deviation); values labeled with different letters are significantly different from the control level by Duncan test at 95.0% confidence