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Table 1 Relative preference by E. formosa to different nymphal instars of T. vaporariorum

From: Relative preference and demographic parameters of Encarsia formosa Gahan against Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood)

Instar Parasitism (%) Host feeding (%) Total host killing (%) Relative proportion
Parasitism Host feeding
I 6.00±2.45a 28.00±20a 34.00±2.45a 0.17±0.07 0.83±0.07
II 16.00±2.45a 12.00±20b 28.00±2.00a 0.57±0.07 0.43±0.07
III 46.00±5.10b 4.00±2.45bc 50.00±3.16b 0.91±0.06 0.09±0.06
IV 50.00±3.16c 2.00±2.00cd 52.00±3.74c 0.97±0.03 0.03±0.03
CD (p=0.05) (9.14) (9.37) (5.22)   
  1. Means within a column followed by same alphabet are not significantly different at p≤ 0.05 (LSD test)