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Table 2 Effect of Bacillus aryabhattai KMT-4 on nematode population after 45 days of treatment in pot experiment on brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

From: On the potential of Bacillus aryabhattai KMT-4 against Meloidogyne javanica

Treatment# Numbers of galls/root system^ Numbers of eggs/root system^ Final nematode population/200cc soil^
T1 - - -
T2 - - -
T3 31.6±2.3A 2826.6±92.0A 1141.6±18.0A
T4 26.0±2.5B 2153.3±269.0 308.0±6.0B
T5 13.0±1.5C 1336.6±64.3C 267.3±3.7C
T6 6.3±1.7D 813.3±70.5D 108.0±1.5D
  1. T1 and T2 were not inoculated with nematode M. javanica according to the treatment plan, and initially, there were 3000eggs/root system. (T3, RDF + M. javanica; T4, RDF + M. javanica + A. chroococcum Mac27 (108 CFU/ml); T5, RDF + M. javanica + Carbofuran at 1 kg a.i/ha; and T6, RDF + M. javanica + isolate KMT-4 (108 CFU/ml)
  2. ^Data presented are the mean ± SE for three replicates of each treatment. Values with the same letter in the same column are not statistically significant using Duncan’s multiple range test (p< 0.05)