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Table 1 Effect of Bacillus aryabhattai KMT-4 on hatchability of eggs masses of M. javanica in vitro

From: On the potential of Bacillus aryabhattai KMT-4 against Meloidogyne javanica

Treatment Hatchability^
24 h 48 h 72 h 96 h
Distilled water 21.3± 0.8AB 38.6± 0.8A 77.3±1.2A 102.6±1.4A
Phosphate buffer# 19.3± 0.8B 39.0± 0.5A 74.3±1.4A 101.6±2.1A
King’s B broth 21.6± 0.8A 39.0± 1.1A 75.6±1.7A 102.6±0.8A
Intact bacterium 0.6± 0.3D 2.3± 0.3C 5.6±0.3C 7.0±5.7BC
Extracellular extract 0.6± 0.3D 3.0± 0.5C 3.6±0.6C 4.6±0.6C
Intracellular extract 5.6± 0.3C 7.6± 0.3B 10.0±0.5B 10.6±0.8B
  1. #0.1 M, pH 7, values are depicting number of hatched J2
  2. ^Data presented are the mean ± standard error (SE) for 3 replicates of each treatment. Values with the same letter in the same column are not statistically significant using Duncan’s multiple range test (p< 0.05)