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Table 3 Leakage of electrolytes from the mycelia of Fusarium solani and Alternaria sp. due to antifungal activity of cell-free culture supernatants of endophytic bacterial isolates

From: In vitro antifungal activity of endophytic bacteria isolated from date palm (Phoenix doctylifera L.) against fungal pathogens causing leaf spot of date palm

  Bacterial strains Electrolyte leakage (mS)
0 h 2 h
Fusarium solani B1 8.92±0.0a 9.65±0.01a
B7 8.92±0.0a 9.67±0.07a
B8 8.92±0.0a 9.47±0.06b
B9 8.92±0.0a 9.72±0.05a
Distilled water control 0.39±0.29b 0.55±0.01c
Alternaria sp. B1 8.92±0.0a 9.65±0.06a
B7 8.92±0.0a 9.41±0.13b
B8 8.92±0.0a 9.63±0.04a
B9 8.92±0.0a 9.71±0.04a
Distilled water control 0.39±0.29b 0.55±0.01c