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Table 1 In vitro antagonistic activity of endophytic bacterial isolates against Fusarium solani and Alternaria sp.

From: In vitro antifungal activity of endophytic bacteria isolated from date palm (Phoenix doctylifera L.) against fungal pathogens causing leaf spot of date palm

Endophytic bacterial strains % inhibition of mycelial growth
Fusarium solani Alternaria sp.
B1 65.88±0.1c 55.54±0.48c
B7 61.18±0.39d 58.63±0.34b
B8 71.76±0.42b 58.14±0.26b
B9 75.31±0.67a 65.14±0.27a
  1. Data are mean of three replications (±SD)
  2. Values of the same letter have no significant differences from each other at P < 0.05