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Table 1 Morphological characteristics of entomopathogenic fungi J22, J34, and J60 isolates

From: Molecular identification of three entomopathogenic fungi infecting the brown plant hopper pest in Indonesia

Isolate Color and shape of the colony Conidial form Conidial color Genus References
J22 and J60 Round, flat, white which then turns to be creamy in old age fusiform, sometimes cylindrical, and smooth walled Hyaline Paecilomyces (Figs 1 and 3) Dong et al. (2016), Nguyen et al. (2017)
J34 White, the edges are pale yellow and the base color is white, round shape, and widened growth oval slightly rounded, stick to the ends and sides of the conidiophores (branches), have long crossed hyphae, and conidial growth clustered. Hyaline Beauveria (Fig. 2) Rosmini and Lasmini (2010), Nuraida and Hasyim (2009)