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Table 1 Morphological characterization of isolated endophytic bacteria

From: Antimicrobial activity of bacterial endophytes from Chirata (Swertia chirata Wall.) and Datura (Datura stramonium L.)

Code no. Source of isolation Colony morphology
CS1 Chirata, root Whitish, circular
CS2 Chirata, root Irregular, creamy white
CS3 Chirata, shoot Large colonies, opaque, round
CS4 Chirata, shoot Curled, round
CS5 Chirata, shoot Small colonies, round
CS6 Chirata, shoot Irregular, creamy, opaque
DS1 Datura, shoot Yellowish in color, opaque
DS2 Datura, shoot Very small colonies, transparent
DS3 Datura, shoot Yellowish, circular
DS4 Datura, root Creamish, irregular in shape
DS5 Datura, root Small, circular