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Table 3 Phage ɸsp1 biocontrol efficacy in potato tuber slice bioassay using Ralstonia solanacearum strain 1629 (R 1629)

From: Biocontrol potential of bacteriophage ɸsp1 against bacterial wilt-causing Ralstonia solanacearum in Solanaceae crops

Experimental set-up Disease symptoms Grade Microbial count CFU g−1 Phage re-isolated PFU g−1
Control No vascular discoloration, ooze absent with no change in tissue architecture 0 No Ralstonia No plaques
R1629 Vascular discoloration with brown ring-like appearance, slimy ooze, tissue necrosis 3 9.68×1010 No plaques
R1629 + phage ɸsp1 Yellowing, ooze absent, tissue intact 1 2.5×104 2×104