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Table 4 Mean comparison of gall and egg mass indices in greenhouse experiment

From: Potential of some endophytic bacteria in biological control of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

Treatments Gall index (GI) Egg mass index (MI)
C2 0 a 0 a
B1 4.5 b 3.5 b
B2 5.0 c 4.25 cd
B3 5.0 c 4.75 d
B4 4.5 b 3.75 bc
B5 5.0 c 4.25 cd
B6 5.0 c 3.5 b
C1 5.0 c 4.5 d
  1. *Means with same letter are not significantly different according to Duncan’s test (P ≤ 0.05)
  2. B1 (B. wiedmannii + nematode), B2 (P. thivervalensis + nematode), B3 (P. thivervalensis + nematode), B4 (S. liquefaciens + nematode), B5 (P. chlororaphis + nematode), B6 (P. fluorescens + nematode), C1 (nematode only), and C2 (without bacteria and nematode)