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Table 6 Compatibility of different vegetable oils on the growth of Lecanicillium lecanii

From: Lecanicillium lecanii (Zimmermann) Zare & Gams, as an efficient biocontrol agent of tea thrips, Scirtothrips bispinosus Bagnall (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

T. no. Treatments Colony diameter (cm) Spore germination (%) No. of conidia (×107 ml−1)
Day 5 Day 10 Day 15
T1 Sun flower oil 9.33±2.12d 16.00±3.11cd 18.33±3.23b 87.33±5.12bc 84.67±5.34c
T2 Ground nut oil 5.33±2.01a 15.67±3.12bc 21.00±3.36d 88.33±5.45c 76.00±4.57a
T3 Coconut oil 10.00±2.34e 15.00±3.14b 21.33±3.26de 92.33±5.56de 94.33±5.78d
T4 Paraffinic oil 5.67±1.87a 10.67±2.16a 15.67±2.14a 79.33±4.36a 79.33±5.39b
T5 Castor oil 8.67±2.12c 15.33±3.19bc 19.67±3.19c 85.67±5.35b 85.67±5.47c
T6 Neem oil 11.33±3.12f 16.67±3.14d 22.00±3.56e 93.00±5.78e 92.33±5.57d
T7 Control 7.67±2.19b 15.67±3.17bc 18.00±3.43b 91.00±5.67d 93.00±5.69d
CD=0.05 5.33a 15.67bc 21.00d 1.85 2.47
CV (%) 10.00e 15.00b 23.67e 1.43 1.96
  1. Means followed by similar letters in a column are not significantly different at 5% (DMRT F test, p>0.05)