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Table 6 Application of single and/or mixture Streptomyces spp. on white rot incidence, total leaf chlorophyll and pods yield in bean plants (under field conditions)

From: Characterization and potential antifungal activities of three Streptomyces spp. as biocontrol agents against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary infecting green bean

Streptomyces isolate % White rot disease Chlorophyll
Pods yield
Incidence Reduction
S. sampsonii DG1 15.00b 40.00e 23.54 3.00d
S. rochei DG4 12.00c 52.00d 24.68 3.50c
S. griseus DG5 13.00c 48.00d 23.93 2.50e
S. sampsonii DG1 plus
S. rochei DG4
9.00d 64.00c 25.20 3.90b
S. sampsonii DG1 plus
S. griseus DG5
5.67e 77.33b 24.22 4.00b
S. rochei DG4 plus
S. griseus DG5
6.00e 76.00b 26.49 4.00b
S. sampsonii DG1 plus
S. rochei DG4 plus
S. griseus DG5
3.33f 86.67a 30.00 5.00a
Corporal Max (Fungicide) 6.33e 74.67b 22.29 2.40e
Control 25.00a 0.00f 18.79 1.53f
  1. Values with the same letter are not significantly different