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Table 5 Effect of treatment with Bacillus subtilis PHYS77 on disease severity % of BOUB caused by B. allii PHYOA1 under greenhouse conditions

From: Molecular disparities among Botrytis species involved in onion umbel blight disease and its management using Bacillus subtilis PHYS7

TreatmentTreatments before infectionTreatments after infection
Disease severity (%)Disease reduction (%)Disease severity (%Disease reduction (%)Disease severity (mean %)
Bacillus subtilis PHYS7731.7 b64.735.0 b60.133.35 b
Ridomil gold MZ5.00 c94.45.00 c94.35.00 c
Infected control90 .0 a0.0087.8 a0.088.9 a
  1. Values in the column followed by a similar letter are not significantly different as determined by the LSD test (P < 0.05)