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Table 4 Genetic similarity values calculated from total DNA fragments generated with five primers in nine Botrytis spp.

From: Molecular disparities among Botrytis species involved in onion umbel blight disease and its management using Bacillus subtilis PHYS7

Similarity matrixB. squamosa PHYOQ1B. allii PHYOA1B. allii PHYOA5B. allii PHYOA3B. allii PHYOA7B. cinerea PHYOC2B. cinerea PHYOC3B. aclada PHYOL1B. aclada PHYOL2
B. squamosa PHYOQ11        
B. allii PHYOA10.7061       
B. allii PHYOA50.7610.7741      
B. allii PHYOA30.6750.7440.7531     
B. allii PHYOA70.7230.7860.7250.7111    
B. cinerea PHYOC10.7370.7010.7140.7830.81   
B. cinerea PHYOC30.7290.7440.7530.6920.7380.7531  
B. aclada PHYOL10.6670.7560.7190.7030.7750.740.8781 
B. aclada PHYOL20.780.7470.7560.6930.790.7570.7470.7591