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Table 3 Cellulases and pectinase production of Botrytis species of onion in vitro

From: Molecular disparities among Botrytis species involved in onion umbel blight disease and its management using Bacillus subtilis PHYS7

IsolatesCellulases (mm)Pectinase (mm)
B. allii PHYOA118*2219*
B. allii PHYOA2121610
B. allii PHYOA31014-ve
B. allii PHYOA4101613
B. allii PHYOA5162215
B. allii PHYOA614186
B. allii PHYOA7101011
B. allii PHYOA812148
B. allii PHYOA91212-ve
B. allii PHYOA1012127
B. allii PHYOA11122017
B. allii PHYOA12141810
B. allii PHYOA1314166
B. cinerea PHYOC1141610
B. cinerea PHYOC2161611
B. cinerea PHYOC31822-ve
B. cinerea PHYOC4121212
B. cinerea PHYOC512124
B. cinerea PHYOC614129
B. cinerea PHYOC7141813
B. aclada PHYOL1161615
B. aclada PHYOL2121214
B. squamosa PHYOQ 1121217
  1. *Cleared zone caused by the isolate on the medium was measured in mm