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Table 2 Pathogenic capabilities of Botrytis spp. isolates on onion cultivar Giza 6 under open greenhouse conditions

From: Molecular disparities among Botrytis species involved in onion umbel blight disease and its management using Bacillus subtilis PHYS7

Isolate no.Source of isolatePathogensDisease severity (%)
1Elfath, AssiutB. allii PHYOA191.7
2ElZawia, AssiutB. allii PHYOA265.0
3Reefa, AssiutB. allii PHYOA358.9
4Abo-Teeg, BniAdii, AssiutB. allii PHYOA441.1
5Abo-Teeg, AssiutB. allii PHYOA577.8
6Manfalout-ElAtamna, AssiutB. allii PHYOA675.6
7ManfaloutB. allii PHYOA725.0
8ManfaloutB. allii PHYOA858.3
9Reefa, AssiutB. allii PHYOA946.7
10Dirout, AssiutB. allii PHYOA1050.0
11Durunka, AssiutB. allii PHYOA1271.7
12Mangabad, AssiutB. allii PHYOA1252.2
13Alghanaim, AssiutB. allii PHYOA1367.2
14Abnoob, AssiutB. cinerea PHYOC150.0
15Mousha, AssiutB. cinerea PHYOC266.7
16AssiutB. cinerea PHYOC383.3
17El-Koussia, AssiutB. cinerea PHYOC427.8
18ArabElAwamer, AssiutB. cinerea PHYOC547.2
19Assiut ValleyB. cinerea PHYOC644.4
20ArabElAwamerB. cinerea PHYOC758.3
21Dirout, AssiutB. aclada PHYOL140.0
22Abnoob-Elhamam, AssiutB. aclada PHYOL233.3
23Assiut ValleyB. squamosa PHYOQ 122.2
  1. Least significant difference LSD (P < 0.05) = 6.18