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Table 1 Colony morphology and biochemical characters of the isolated Trichoderma strains

From: Native isolates of Trichoderma as bio-suppressants against sheath blight and stem rot pathogens of rice

Isolate code Growth of the colony after 72 h at 26 ± 2 °C (radius in mm) Colour of the colony Number of chlamydospores Phosphate solubilisation (μg/ml) IAA production (μg/ml)
RPR 40.52c Light green 00a 95.25b 35.68b
RCH 41.34d Dark green 36.33b 94.54c 34.52a
SNG 42.51e Dark green 00a 109.42d 37.91c
HZB 40.11a Dark green 00a 97.95c 39.82d
TAIK 4 44.50g Light green 92.67f 149.27g 45.73g
TAIK 1 43.51f Light green 46.67c 154.13h 47.21h
TAIK 2 45.02h Dark green 66.00d 135.43f 43.15f
TAIK 3 40.32b Light green 75.67e 130.02e 40.63e
  1. Data depicts the mean of three replications. Numerical values with different letters are significantly different (P ˂ 0.05, Duncan’s multiple range test, SPSS). Different locations: RPR Raipur, RCH Raichur, SNG Sanga Reddy, HZB Hazribagh