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Table 5 Plant growth parameters of eggplant affected by Meloidogyne incognita and treated by the selected bacterial isolates under greenhouse conditions

From: Effect of some rhizosphere bacteria on root-knot nematodes

Treatments Shoot length (cm) Shoot fresh weight (g) Shoot dry weight (g) Root length (cm) Root fresh weight (g)
Paenibacillus amylolyticus 47.3ab 21.87bc 2.9b 20ab 2.86cd
Brevibacillus agri 43.67bc 18.64de 2.22cd 16.67bc 3.09bcd
Gluconobacter frateurii 47.9a 27.24a 3.53a 23.67a 4.43a
Beijerinkia mobilis 44abc 16.41e 2.15cd 18bc 2.65d
Achromobacter aloeverae 45.67abc 24.65ab 2.48c 16cd 4.34a
Pseudomonas stutzeri 43.33c 25.61a 2.9b 17bc 3.68b
Mixture 42c 21.42cd 2.98b 17.33bc 3.29bc
Micronema 36d 13.33f 1.5e 12.33def 2.57d
Mocap15% 35.33d 12.42fg 1.21ef 12ef 1.9e
Healthy plant 40c 16.37e 2.07d 14.33cde 2.87cd
Infected plant 34.67d 10.1g 1.1f 10.33f 1.6e
LSD at 0.05 3.9987 2.812 0.3709 3.72 0.59
  1. In each column, means followed by the same letters did not differ significantly at (p ≤ 0.05) according to Duncan’s multiple range test