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Table 1 Cultural and microscopic characteristics of endophytic fungi from Parthenium hysterophorus

From: Biocontrol of economically important weed species through endophytic fungi isolated from Parthenium hysterophorus (Family: Asteraceae)

Features Fungal genus
Aspergillus spp. Alternaria spp. Drechslera spp.
Colony description
Surface color Blue-green Olive brown Brown-gray
Reverse Pale yellowish Brown-black Black
Texture Velvety Velvety Fibrous
Microscopic description
Hyphae Septate Dark Septate and brown
Conidiophores Smooth walled Large Brown 4.5–6 μm wide
Conidia 2.5–3.5 μm in diameter and develop in chains Ovoid with an elongated apical structure Light brown, 3–5 celled and cylindrical