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Table 1 Environmental and topographical variables used in Maxent to predict the current habitat suitability distribution of Mantodea species

From: Mantodea oasis of Palaearctic region: biogeographical analysis of Mantodea in Egypt

Variable Description
Bio 1 Annual mean temperature
Bio 2 Mean diurnal range (mean of monthly max temp – min temp)
Bio 3 Isothermality (bio2/bio7) × 100
Bio 4 Temperature seasonality (standard deviation × 100)
Bio 5 Max temperature of the warmest month
Bio 6 Min temperature of the coldest month
Bio 7 Temperature annual range
Bio 8 Mean temperature of the wettest quarter
Bio 9 Mean temperature of the driest quarter
Bio 10 Mean temperature of the warmest quarter
Bio 11 Mean temperature of the coldest quarter
Bio 12 Annual precipitation
Bio 13 Precipitation of the wettest month
Bio 14 Precipitation of the driest month
Bio 15 Precipitation seasonality (coefficient of variation)
Bio 16 Precipitation of the wettest quarter
Bio 17 Precipitation of the driest quarter
Bio 18 Precipitation of the warmest quarter
Bio 19 Precipitation of the coldest quarter
Altitude Altitude in degrees
Aspect Aspect ratio
Slope Slope