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Table 1 Key commercially available bionematicides and chemical nematicides, their applications rates, and prices in Egypt

From: Biological control agents in the integrated nematode management of potato in Egypt

Active ingredient

Product name

Application rate (product/feddan−1)a

Price per acre

Abamectin produced during the fermentation process of Streptomyces avermitilis (soluble concentrate at 20 g/l)

Tervigo 2% SC

2.5 l/feddan

L.E. 2000

109 CFU/ml of Serratia sp., Pseudomonas sp., Azotobacter sp., Bacillus circulans, and B. thuringiensis


30 l/feddan (thrice)/year

L.E. 600

108 units/ml Purpureocillium lilacinus


2 l/feddan/ year

L.E. 500

109 bacterium cells of Serratia marcescens/ml water


10 l/feddan (thrice)/year

L.E. 600

Cadusafos (O-ethyl S,S-bis (1-methylpropyl) phosphorodithioate)

Rugby 10 G

24 kg/feddan

L.E. 6480

Oxamyl (methyl 2-(dimethylamino)-N-(methylcarbamoyloxy)-2 oxoethanimidothioate)

Vydate 24% SL

4 l/feddan (twice)/year

L.E. 2800

  1. One US dollar = 16 L.E. There are broad host range claims by the manufacturer’s product labels which have not necessarily been confirmed in independent trials
  2. aFigures given for comparative purposes when products are uniformly applied to the soil (except oxamyl for foliar application too). For some products and other, including low-value, crops, product may be incorporated into field soil, potting mix, or applied in greenhouses for which different rates apply