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Table 4 Yield of summer mung bean as influenced by various treatments for management of Megalurothrips distalis

From: Field evaluation of horticultural mineral oils and botanicals against bean thrips, Megalurothrips distalis (Karny) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), in summer mung bean

Treatment Yield (kg ha−1) Percent increase in yield over control
2018 2019 Mean
MAK All Season HMO 1110d 865de 987e 14.50
Arbofine HMO 1130d 1013c 1071d 24.25
NSKE 1345b 1302a 1324a 53.59
Neem Baan 1245c 1223b 1234c 43.16
Indo-Neem 1343b 1189b 1266bc 46.86
Nimbecidine 1389ab 1230b 1309ab 51.86
Neem Kavach 1362b 1236ab 1299ab 50.69
Pongamia soap 968e 930d 949e 10.09
Dimethoate 30% EC 1430a 1245ab 1337a 55.10
Water 963e 810e 887f 2.90
Control 914e 810e 862f -
CD (P = 0.05) 54.46 70.97 57.79  
F value; df = 12 106.4 64.66 86.17  
  1. Means followed by the same letter in each column with treatments did not differ significantly at the 5% level by LSD test. Yields obtained in 2019 in additional treatment homemade neem (boiled) = 1210 kg ha−1 and overnight soaked = 1102 kg ha−1