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Table 4 Growth promotion test by roll towel method

From: Culture-dependent analysis of seed bacterial endophyte, Pseudomonas spp. EGN 1 against the stem rot disease (Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc.) in groundnut

Isolates Vigour index Germination (%) Root length (cm) Shoot length (cm)
EGN 1 4286.70a 86.6 (68.6)a 25.0 (29.9)b 24.5 (29.66)a
EGN 4 2895.35c 73.3 (58.9)c 19.5 (29.9)c 21.0 (26.56)c
TNAU Pf 1 4040.00b 80.0 (63.4)b 27.0 (31.3)a 23.5 (28.99)b
EPC 5 2599.74d 66.66 (54.7)d 18.0 (25.10)d 20.0 (27.27)d
Control 1466.57e 53.33 (46.9)e 11.5 (19.8)e 16.0 (23.58)e
  1. Values are the means of three replicates. Means in a column followed by same letters are not significantly different according to Duncan’s multiple range test at P = 0.05. Values in parentheses are arcsine transformed values