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Table 2 In vitro antagonistic activity of fungal root endophytes against Dematophora necatrix

From: Screening, identification, and colonization of fungal root endophytes against Dematophora necatrix: a ubiquitous pathogen of fruit trees

Isolate Mycelial growth (mm) Mycelial growth inhibition (%) Changes in mycelial growth at interaction zone
Fusarium equiseti strain M1 27.33 69.63 (56.54) Mycoparasitism by endophytes on pathogen hyphae by coiling around them
Aspergillus sp. (C1) 22.33 75.19 (60.11) Penetration and increased swelling on pear-shaped hyphae of pathogen
Talaromyces aculeatus strain Ap 39.33 56.30 (48.60) Penetration, bulging, and lysis of pathogen hyphae
Neocosmospora perseae strain G 30.67 65.93 (54.27) Bulging and abnormalities on pathogen hyphae
Aspergillus aculeatus strain C2 16.67 81.48 (64.49) Distortion and malformation on pathogen hyphae
Crinipellis tabtim strain M8 32.33 64.07 (53.15) Thickening on pear-shaped swelling due to mycoparasitic interaction
Fusarium sp. (S2) 42.00 53.33 (46.89) Deformation and distortion of hyphae followed by decreased length between septa of hyphae
Fusarium sp. (K1) 33.67 62.59 (52.27) Encircling, penetration, and abnormalities on pathogen hyphae
Fusarium circinatum strain K3 36.67 59.26 (50.32) Browning, thickening, and swelling on hyphae of pathogen
Control 90.00 0.00 (0.00)  
CD0.05 1.21
  1. Figures in parentheses are arc sine transformed values