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Table 1 ITS-based identification of fungal isolates and their accession numbers

From: Potential of phytopathogenic fungal isolates as a biocontrol agent against some weeds

Experimental genotypes Reference genotypes Identity
Isolates Accession number Strains Accession number
YMM1 MG711600 Alternaria alternata isolate ZB11060991 KX783398.1 99%
YMM3 MG711602 Alternaria tenuissima strain WGS11789 JX406513.1 99%
YMM2 MG711603 Chaetomium globosum strain CCTCC AF 206003 DQ854987.1 99%
YMM4 MG711604 Nigrospora oryzae strain UC3 KU554580.1 99%