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Table 3 Modified genes along with their metabolic pathways to increase the pathogenicity

From: Pathogenicity of entomopathogenic fungi against the aphid and the whitefly species on crops grown under greenhouse conditions in India

Modified genes Metabolic pathway Fungal species
Pr 1A Protease Metarhizium robertsii
CDEP 1 Subtilism-like protease Beauveria bassiana
Bbchit 1 Chitinase Beauveria bassiana
Mr-Npc 2a Sterol carrier Metarhizium robertsii
ATM 1 Trehalase Metarhizium acridium
BbBqrA Benzoquinone oxidoreductase Beauveria bassiana
  1. Data source (Zhao et al. 2016 and Romeis et al. 2019)