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Table 1 The BLAST results including three significant hits for each molecular marker used in the study for Heterorhabditis zealandica strain ETL

From: Molecular identification of a Heterorhabditis entomopathogenic nematode isolated from the northernmost region of South Africa

Heterorhabditis spp./strainBlast statistics
DescriptionMax. scoreTotal scoreQuery cover (%)e valuePer. identity (%)Accession
Internal transcribed spacer (ITS)
Heterorhabditis zealandica strain Bartow15071507990.099.88GU174009.1
H. zealandica strain WS2014951495990.099.88KY055373.1
H. zealandica strain NZH314911491990.099.51EF530041.1
H. zealandica isolate WS5113411341000.0100KY021160.1
H. zealandica113411341000.0100EU099035.1
H. zealandica113411341000.0100AM039761.1
H. sp. EPNKU59948948990.0100MG742141.1
H. sp.EPNKU54948948990.0100MG742139.1
H. sp.EPNKU52948948990.0100MG742137.1