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Table 5 Phenotypic, morphological and biochemical characteristics of the selected chitinolytic and potent antifungal bacterial isolates

From: Isolation and efficacy of native chitinolytic rhizobacteria for biocontrol activities against Fusarium wilt and plant growth promotion in pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.)

CharacteristicsBacterial isolate NS-1Bacterial isolate NS-22
Isolation details  
 Place of isolationIARI experimental fieldIARI experimental field
 CropsPigeon peaPigeon pea
 Soil portionRhizospheric soilRhizospheric soil
Colony morphology
 PigmentationWhite creamyWhite
 Cell morphology  
 Gram’s reaction+
Biochemical characteristics
 Denitrification test+
 H2S production+
 Gelatin hydrolysis++
 Catalase production++
 Urease detection
 TSI test+
 Citrate utilization test++
 Methyl red test
 Voges-Proskauer test
  1. Note: Data obtained in this study were expressed as positive (+) or negative (−)