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Table 4 Effect of seed application with effective chitinolytic bacteria on dry biomasses of pigeon pea plants under pathogen pre-challenged conditions

From: Isolation and efficacy of native chitinolytic rhizobacteria for biocontrol activities against Fusarium wilt and plant growth promotion in pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.)

TreatmentsDry plant biomasses (mg)
Shoot biomasses% changes over pathogen controlRoot biomasses% changes over pathogen control
T-1356.66 ± 8.37AB20.2249.00 ± 2.96C37.38
T-2407.00 ± 13.42AB37.1960.66 ± 3.93B70.09
T-3296.66 ± 15.45C0.0035.66 ± 1.20C0.00
T-4282.33 ± 18.12C− 4.8344.00 ± 1.52C23.36
T-5253.00 ± 8.38C− 14.7239.66 ± 5.78C11.21
T-6491.00 ± 32.19A65.5173.66 ± 5.45B106.54
T-7301.00 ± 17.78C1.4646.00 ± 5.13C28.97
T-8504.00 ± 25.58A69.8988.66 ± 3.38A148.60
  1. Note: Values following with the same letter are not significantly different according to DMRT test at P ≤ 0.05