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Table 2 In vitro antagonistic activities of the promising chitinolytic bacterial isolates against pigeon pea wilt pathogen (Fusarium udum)

From: Isolation and efficacy of native chitinolytic rhizobacteria for biocontrol activities against Fusarium wilt and plant growth promotion in pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.)

Chitinolytic bacterial strainsGrowth of F. udum (diameter in mm)Pathogen growth inhibition (%)
Control (pathogen only)74.00 ± 1.15I-
P-238.00 ± 1.15F48.65
P-368.66 ± 0.88A7.21
P-574.00 ± 0.58I0.00
P-1074.00 ± 0.00I0.00
P-1360.00 ± 1.15B18.92
P-1456.00 ± 1.53C24.32
P-1639.00 ± 0.58F47.30
P-1746.33 ± 0.67D37.39
P-1853.33 ± 0.88C27.93
NS-128.00 ± 0.58G62.16
NS-237.00 ± 1.53F50.00
NS-1749.67 ± 1.20D32.88
NS-2224.00 ± 0.58H67.57
  1. Note: Values following with the same letter are not significantly different according to DMRT test at P ≤ 0.05