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Table 1 Total hemocyte count/mm3 of blood from Galleria mellonella larvae treated with gamma radiation alone or combined with the entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema carpocapsae BA2

From: Hemocytic studies on the synergistic effect of the entomopathogenic nematode species, Steinernema carpocapsae and gamma radiation on the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella (L.) larvae

Treatment radiation doses (Gy)THC/mm3 × 103
Gamma raysS. carpocapsae BA2
20 IJ40 IJ
Control32.08 ± 0.54a13.13 ± 0.34a10.91 ± 0.75a
4021.75 ± 0.22b10.4 ± 0.32b9.2 ± 0.57b
10020.56 ± 0.29b8.73 ± 0.21c5.61 ± 0.2c
  1. Letters indicate the variance between the means (Duncan’s multiple range test). Values represent the mean ± S.E. of 3 replicates for each group