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Table 1 Results of factorial ANOVA used to analyze the emergence rate and the parasitism rate of T. bourarachae on E. kuehniella eggs as function of cold storage procedure, cold storage period, and their interaction

From: Effect of cold storage on the performance of Trichogramma bourarachae (Pintureau and Babault) (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Source of variationDegrees of freedomFp value
Emergence rate
 Cold storage procedure216.199< 0.001***
 Cold storage period4145.377< 0.001***
 Cold storage procedure × cold storage period80.6480.736
Parasitism rate
 Cold storage procedure2100.48< 0.001***
 Cold storage period4460.11< 0.001***
 Cold storage procedure × cold storage period824.92< 0.001***
  1. p values flagged with three stars (***) are highly significant at α = 0.05