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Table 2 Biochemical analysis of symbiotic bacteria

From: Assessment of the entomopathogenic nematode bacteria against the termite, Microtermes mycophagus D. (Isoptera: Termitidae)

Biochemical analysisXenorhabdus indica Pak.S.B.50X. indica Pak.S.B.56X. stockiae Pak.S.B. 65X. steinernematis CB.10
Citrate utilization++-+
Esculin hydrolysis+++-+
Meso-inositol fermentation+-d+
Salicin fermentation+---
Ribose fermentation+--+
Lipase tween 80++-+
  1. “+” 90–100% positive, “-” 90–100%, “++” positive 75–89%, “- -” 75–89%, “d” positive 25–74% of strains