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Table 1 Details of symbiotic bacteria used for the study

From: Assessment of the entomopathogenic nematode bacteria against the termite, Microtermes mycophagus D. (Isoptera: Termitidae)

StrainsBacterial symbiontsEPNAccession no.Authority*
Pak.S.B.50Xenorhabdus indicaSteinernema abbasiMF498486Shahina F. & Salma J.
Pak.S.B.56Xenorhabdus indicaS. pakistanenseMF521953Shahina F. & Salma J.
Pak.S.B. 65Xenorhabdus stockiaeS. siamkayaiMF521964Shahina F. & Salma J.
Pak.C.B. 10Xenorhabdus steinernematisS. maqbooliKU097324Shahina F. & Salma J.
  1. *Accession no. authorized by these persons