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Table 1 A list of pesticides applied to control sweet pepper pests in the greenhouse from September 8, 2016 to March 26, 2017

From: Comparative study between biological and chemical control programs of certain sweet pepper pests in greenhouses

Weeks of applicationTrade nameActive ingredientTarget pestRates of application (cm3/L)
3Match 5% ECLufenuronS. exigua150 cm3/100 L
5Vertimec 1.8% ECAbamectinMites200 cm3/200 L
6Radiant 12% SCSpinetoramS. exigua200 cm3/200 L
7Vertimec 1.8% ECAbamectinMites200 cm3/200 L
9Alverde 24% SCMetaflumizoneS. exigua150 cm3/100 L
9Calypso 48% SCThiaclopridsucking pests200 cm3/200 L
14Radiant 12% SCSpinetoramS. exigua200 cm3/200 L
16Kanemite 15% SCAbamectinMites200 cm3/200 L
17Alverde 24% SCMetaflumizoneS. exigua150 cm3/100 L
20Oberon 24% SCSpiromesifenMites200 cm3/200 L
21Kanemite 15% SCAcequinocylMites175 cm3/200 L
23Kanemite 15% SCAcequinocylMites175 cm3/200 L
24Vertimec 1.8% ECAbamectinMites200 cm3/200 L
25Vertimec 1.8% ECAbamectinMites200 cm3/200 L
26Mospilan 20% SPAcetamipridsucking pests30 gm/100 L
27Calypso 48% SCThiaclopridsucking pests200 cm3/200 L
28Actra 25% WGThiamethoxamsucking pests25 gm/100 L
29Calypso 48% SCThiaclopridsucking pests200 cm3/200 L