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Table 7 Thirty days after inoculation: shoot and root measurements of alfalfa plants under different treatments

From: Influence of Pseudomonas fluorescens mutants produced by transposon mutagenesis on in vitro and in vivo biocontrol and plant growth promotion

No.TreatmentShoot length (cm)Root length (cm)Fresh weight (mg)Dry weight (mg)
1Isolate 5210.3 c*5.0 cd0.8 ef0.5 ef
2Mutant 52-1216.3 a8.3 a1.6 a0.9 a
3Mutant 52-229.0 c4.3 d0.9 e0.5 ef
4Isolate 4514.3 ab7.7 a1.3 cd0.7 cd
5Mutant 45-1916.7 a8.0 a1.4b c0.7 bc
6Mutant 45-2016.0 a8.0 a1.3 d0.6 ed
7Rh-5212.0 bc5.3 bcd0.7 g0.4f g
8Rh-52-1217.0 a8.3 a1.5 ab0.8 a
9Rh-52-2214.3 ab6.0 abcd1.5 b0.7 fcd
10Rh-4517.3 a8.3 a1.6 d0.9 ed
11Rh-45-1916.0 a7.7 a1.5 b0.8 ab
12Rh-45-2015.3 ab6.7 abc0.8 f0.4 fg
13Rh0.0 d0.0 e0.0 h0.0 fh
14Seeds10.7 c6.0 abcd0.8 f0.3 g
  1. Seeds (Control 1) not inoculated with any microbe; Rh (Control 2) only inoculated with Rhizoctonia solani
  2. *Significant at the 0.01 probability level