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Table 6 Thirty days after inoculation: shoot and root measurements of alfalfa plants under different treatments

From: Influence of Pseudomonas fluorescens mutants produced by transposon mutagenesis on in vitro and in vivo biocontrol and plant growth promotion

No.TreatmentShoot length (cm)Root length (cm)Fresh weight (mg/plant)Dry weight (mg/plant)
1Isolate 4514.3 bc*7.7 ba1.4 c0.6 b
2Mutant 45-1915.3 b8.0 ba1.5 b0.7 ab
3Mutant 45-2016 b8.0 ba1.3 d0.6 b
4Isolate 3720.7 a8.7 a1.6 a0.8 a
5Bot-4516.3 b7.0 ba1.3 cd0.7 ab
6Bot-45-1914.7 b6.3 b0.8 f0.4 c
7Bot-45-2014.3 b6.7 ba0.6 g0.3 c
8Bot-3716.7 b7.7 ba1.6 a0.8 a
9Bot.0.0 d0.0 c0.0 h0.0 d
10Seeds10.7 c6.0 b0.8 f0.4 c
  1. Seeds (Control 1) not inoculated with any microbe, Bot. (Control 2) only inoculated with Botrytis sp.
  2. *Significant at the 0.01 probability level