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Table 2 Plant pathogenic fungi tested in the fungal inhibition growth assay and their sources

From: Influence of Pseudomonas fluorescens mutants produced by transposon mutagenesis on in vitro and in vivo biocontrol and plant growth promotion

1Fusarium moniliformDrought on palm tree - pathology lab
2Fusarium solaniBiotechnology lab
3Fusarium oxysporumBiotechnology lab
4Fusarium graminiarumPathology lab
5Fusarium oxysporum.c.Pathology lab
6Fusarium sp. (purple)Pathology lab
7Fusarium sp. (white)Isolated from tomato - pathology lab
12Fusarium sp. (white1)Palm tree - pathology lab
8Fusarium sp. (pink)Biotechnology lab
9Rhizoctonia solaniBiotechnology lab
10Colletotrichum sp.Al-Rajhi horticulture - pathology lab
11Botrytis sp.Strawberry fruit
13Alternaria sp.Leaf spot on palm tree - pathology lab
14Stemphylium sp.Pathology lab